EUBGF Κανονισμός Τουρνουά ( ελληνικά)

EUBGF presents EUBGF Tournament Rules in Greek language used by its Member Association in Greece. Tournament-Rules-EUBGF-Feb16-GRE

EUBGF Turnierregeln auf Deutsch

EUBGF presents its Tournament Rules in German language used by EUBGF Member Associations from Germany,Austria,Switzerland and Belgium (EUBGF Turnierregeln (Deutsch))

EUBGF Tournament Rules

EUBGF presents its Tournament Rules as adopted.   Tournament Rules EUBGF 

EUBGF Statutes

EUBGF is pleased to present its EUBGF_Statutes as adopted by the General Assembly and registered as non-profit organisation.  

Newsletter 1/2015


EUROPEAN BACKGAMMON FEDERATION http://eubgf.eu     email: info@eubgf.eu NEWSLETTER Summer/2015   Dear backgammon friends, This newsletter is to inform all, member associations, players and public what were and are our current activities: 1. EUROPEAN TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 BUDAPEST As we already published, European Team Championship 2015 will be in Budapest, Hungary from 18-20 September 2015, and Budapest Open (individual) starts one day before (17th September). EUBGF General Assembly will be held on
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Dubrovnik Open 2015

  Croatian Backgammon Federation announced it’s international backgammon tournament “6th Dubrovnik Open 2015”, which is to be held 15-17 May 2015 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. More info: http://dubrovnikopen2015.weebly.com  

Sochi 2015

  Federation of Sports Backgammon Russia announced it’s first major international backgammon tournament “International Backgammon Cup SOCHI 2015”, which is about to be held 6-10 May 2015 in Sochi, Russia. Added prize money is 30.000 $ with seminar of Masayuki Mochizuki – “Mochy”. More info: http://sochi-bg.com/

Sarajevo Open 2015

Backgammon Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced it’s first international backgammon tournament “Sarajevo Open 2015”, that will be held in the Bosnian capital 2-3 May 2015. Special guest is Arda Fındıkoğlu, President of Turkish backgammon association. More info: http://vratnik.tavla.ba/

Nordic Open 2015

Nordic Open 2015 2-6 April 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark Guaranteed Backgammon action around the clock: • Free beginner division (Winner get a free entry to a big international tournament including flight and hotel) • Free Ladies tournament with nice added prices • 4-500 players in 4 divisions. • Open division for everyone (starts Thursday – you can play in main divisions too) • Onsite live betting (Championship winner). • Poker every
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