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EUBGF Bidding for Championship 2015 & new member federations

Dear Backgammon organization,

Many European countries have a national backgammon federation and work at promoting backgammon in their country. Some federations are very young and some have existed in many years and have lots of experience to share. We hope we can support all these federations and maybe even help countries establish new backgammon federations. Our vision is to organize backgammon and make the game accepted as a serious mind sport game both nationally and international. To do this we need to work together.

In September 2014 the European Backgammon Federation (EUBGF) was established in Dubrovnik Croatia. This international federation is non-profit and is based on Democratic principles where the board members are elected for a 2 years period at the general assembly each year (3 new members are elected each year).

It is our hope that your backgammon organization will join this federation and help making backgammon a popular serious mind sport. At our first general assembly in Dubrovnik a new board and general secretary was elected (he/she is not part of the board). The board consist of seven members of which six where elected in Dubrovnik. One spot is still open so if you are interested in joining this board please let us know.

The Members are:
  • President: Steen Grønbech (Denmark)
  • Vice President: Michail Proukakis (Greece)
  • Treasurer: Julie Thabault (France)
  • Zoltan Eross (Hungary)
  • Bjarni Freyr Kristjansson (Iceland)
  • Mehmedalija Sijaric (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • General Secretary: Leonardo Jerkovic (Croatia)
Our main goal in 2015 is:
  • Arrange a successful European Team Championship
  • Establish an international ranking list
  • Common tournament rules
  • Establish a Homepage
  • Statutes for the European Backgammon Federation
  • Promote backgammon as a mind sport game (skill based game)
  • Help National federations to get Backgammon approved as a skill game in their country
  • To share information and Knowledge between federations.

We really hope that all Federations in Europe will join the European Federation. When we work together we are stronger.

At the first General assembly in Dubrovnik it was decided that the membership fee for national federations are 300€ for one year starting 2015. This money will mainly be used to cover the cost for developing a great online platform including tournament program, ranking list and a platform to share knowledge.

If you have more questions about this federation and its activities, please do not hesitate to reply to this mail.


For tournament organizers – please see attached form about hosting the European Team Backgammon Championship 2015.

eubgf application definition


Kind regards

Steen Grønbech (EUBGF President)



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